Different Types of Makeup and Their Benefits

Makeup helps bring out the best in you! It also has a long history where cosmetics have played an important role in our society since 10,000 B.C. Back then, makeup was not only a woman thing, but the best part is that men also took an active part in grooming themselves. Nowadays, most cosmetics are women-centric. Also, there are different types of makeup that are meant for different skin types and skin tones. The products are evolved due to new innovations and techniques, they give a refined and flawless finish to younger people as well as middle ages.

Endless Beauty and Wellness - Makeup benefits
Endless Beauty and Wellness - Makeup benefits
Endless Beauty and Wellness - Makeup
Endless Beauty and Wellness - Makeup benefits

Here Are Different Types of Makeup That Accentuate Your Personality:

1. Water Based Makeup

Water based Makeup will take your heart away! It gives a natural look to your face with natural features which makes it convenient to wear it for a casual party with friends or a family get together. Generally, the composition of the water-based makeup contains emulsifiers that bind water and oil. It gives medium coverage with natural beauty on your skin. Water based makeup is divided into three forms-Polymer-based oil-free formula, Clay-based oil-free formula and Creamy formula. These liquid form innovative makeup types tend to give sheer to full coverage on your skin when applied. If you’re up for a casual party makeup that stays for long hours, you can go for water-based makeups!

2. Silicone Based Makeup

Silicone-based Makeup gives a unique slip-effect which is why it has raved a lot. This exemplary makeup gives a smooth and uniform finish to your skin which tends to keep you comfortable. It is lightweight and with its best features, it gives you a long-lasting effect that does not smudge for long hours. Even after 4-5 hours of application, it does not change its effect on your skin. Silicone-based makeup needs perfect blending to give you a flawless finish. If you are not makeup savvy or a pro, you should take the help of a professional makeup artist that has the right tools and techniques to set it on your skin.

NOTE:  This type of perfect makeup look requires expertise and you should consult a makeup artist.

3. Powder Based Makeup

Powder-based makeup is just a breath of fresh air for oily, sensitive and acne-prone skin. This makeup gives impeccable coverage that does not clog your pores or leave a white cast on your skin. This is the most awesome method of applying makeup to your skin. The best way to apply this makeup is to moisturise your skin well so that it does not make your skin look cakey or patchy as an after effect. Apply a light moisturiser on your skin and then apply powder-based makeup for best results.

If you wish to try on this type of matte makeup look, you can consider buying Iman Semi Loose Powder form makeup which gives a sparkle-free appearance.

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01 Endless Beauty and Wellness - Makeup benefits


02 Endless Beauty and Wellness - Makeup


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